Happy new year

Dear Chapter members and PM interested people,

first of all we wish you all a successful new year in exciting projects (with as few VUCA surprises as possible)!

We as the PMI Germany Chapters are looking forward to the upcoming PM-Summit in Munich on November 19th and 20th. Under the motto ‘PM-Summit 2020 – Your future starts today’ we have set ourselves the goal to not only talk about the topics in the constantly changing world of daily new trends, digitalisation, innovations and sustainability, but to actively participate – together with you.


You can use the digital Session Grid configurator to create your own personal PM Summit. Benefit from interesting keynote speakers as strong impulse generators who not only talk but also stimulate. Stay networked after the event – a congress at the leading edge and you right in the middle of it.


Experience practical and interactive formats. Discover the latest trends in project management and be part of the future-oriented spirit: innovative execution and collaboration instead of individual work.


How can we make the future of project management sustainable? Develop approaches together without generating waste. By participating in the first sustainable PM-Summit you make a valuable contribution to the environment.

“Your future starts today” – make a difference, together with us!

We look forward to welcoming you.

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