Call for Contributions

Call for Contributions




The PM-Summit is one of the largest events with a focus on project management in Germany. In 2010 it was first organized by the PMI Munich Chapter e.V., now PMI Southern Germany Chapter e.V., and has since then established itself as a trademark for knowledge transfer in professional project management. The PMI Southern Germany Chapter e.V. supports with the PM-Summit the continuing need of the Project Management Community for exchange of experiences and offers a platform, which is oriented on the daily practice and the needs of the participants. The congress is aimed at people interested in project management from different industries, projects and areas of responsibility. Newcomers to project management who are gaining their first experience in the introduction or implementation of project management in their company and students who want to establish a link to project management practice at an early stage are also welcome to attend.

Based on many suggestions and requests for more networking and exchange, and in light of the experiences with Summit 2018, we want to create an interactive area for information, exchange and discussion at PM-Summit 2020, which we call LabSpace area, in addition to offering short contributions with discussion and workshops. In the LabSpace, innovative or even controversial topics will be given a platform, e.g. new working environments as a challenge for PM teams, flat hierarchies vs. stakeholder expectations, digitalization and working in virtual teams.


We are looking for contributions from all industrial and service sectors, as well as from the academic, non-profit and social sectors.

In the selection of contributions and program design, particular emphasis is placed on practical relevance, innovation and concrete feasibility. The selected contributions are used to design the thematic blocks of the program.

The official congress languages are German and English. Accordingly, contributions in both languages will be accepted and evaluated.


Deadline for submission of technical papers and concepts

Notification of acceptance or rejection of contributions

Deadline for submission of presentations (mandatory for short presentations, optional for workshops and LabSpace contributions)


The motto “Your future starts today – digital, innovative, sustainable” serves as the guiding principle for the congress. Particularly in the interactive formats (workshops and LabSpace), contributions are also welcome that address the importance of bringing the necessary “soft” skills to bear in an increasingly complex environment, in conjunction with processes and existing tools.

In April 2021, we would like to present the participants not only with a new event, but with an even more personal and interactive one. We will provide rooms in the best venue for 15-minute short presentations with 30-minute discussions and workshops. For methods and instruments for knowledge exchange and networking we will provide spatial areas where you can implement your LabSpace concepts.


  • We are looking forward to a variety of practice-oriented project management topics, which, if possible, are aligned with one of our six designated topics and offer the participants new insights and experiences.
    You can read the topics here:


You provide us with your technical paper or concept electronically in PDF format via the web application ‘ConfTool’ on the dates mentioned on the first page: PM-Summit ConfTool >>

For the submission of all contribution formats you will find templates for short presentations, concepts for workshops and LabSpace contributions, which you can provide as PDF. If your submission is selected, please upload your presentations (obligatory for short presentations, optional for workshops and LabSpace contributions), by 15.03.2021.

You can find templates here :

We would be very grateful if you could send us a short message to the mailbox that you intend to submit a contribution by the deadline mentioned on page 1, stating the subject area. This would make our planning much more efficient.

of content

For the PM-Summit 2021 we only ask for short presentations with a pure presentation duration of 15 minutes via the Call for Contribution process.

Short presentations should depict a topic in its essential points and convey the important messages of the presentation. Each short lecture should be followed by a discussion round. This round of up to 30 minutes allows the visitors of the lecture to deepen their discussion; here a limited number of participants can discuss directly with the speaker in a relaxed atmosphere. This provides the opportunity for a more intensive exchange of ideas and information in order to deepen the topic. Due to the shorter lectures, the visitors have the opportunity to visit more diverse topics.

The short presentations are accompanied by a moderator throughout, the fast pace must be maintained.

Format for submissions

The technical contribution must be submitted in the scope described below. “Abstracts or summaries” will not be accepted. Proposals for topics with specifically promotional content will also not be considered. Your contribution should fit the motto of our PM Summit or be a useful addition to the project management topics. The technical contribution consists of a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 4 pages in DIN A4 format, created using the template provided.  As a guideline, it should not exceed 3 pages.


You are also welcome to send us an additional short video sequence of your presentation. The corresponding link should also be submitted here. If no video exists for the intended lecture, links to video sequences of other lectures of the speaker, if available, can supplement the technical contribution.

Selection procedure

A committee evaluates all submitted entries according to the following criteria :

  • Practical relevance
  • Actuality
  • Feasibility
  • Degree of innovation
  • Comprehensibility

We are looking for exciting and innovative workshops from all industry and service sectors as well as from the academic and non-profit sector, especially from the social environment. We will not consider suggestions for topics with specifically promotional content. Your contribution should, if possible, live up to the motto of our PM-Summit “Your future starts today – Digital, innovative, sustainable” or be a meaningful addition to the project management topics.

We plan to offer about 12-15 workshop slots in several parallel tracks. You should be prepared to offer your workshop twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, if there is a high visitor interest. Each workshop lasts a maximum of 90 minutes. The interaction with the participants in the workshops is very important to us, therefore we will prefer concepts with a high level of participant participation.

We recommend to start with a short introduction (max. 10 minutes), allow 60 minutes for the group activity and finally dedicate 15 minutes to questions and further discussions with the participants.

Our facilities allow up to 25-30 participants per workshop. At the request of the speaker we can further limit the number of participants. The usual tools for workshops are provided (e.g. moderator’s case, flipchart). Should you require special aids, please note this in your concept.

Format for workshop concepts

A workshop concept must be submitted for each workshop. The workshop concept consists of a maximum of 5 pages in DIN A4 format and must be submitted electronically in PDF format with the provided template via the web application ‘ConfTool’.

Selection procedure

A committee evaluates all submitted concepts according to the following criteria:

  • Creativity of the workshop
  • Innovation of the contribution
  • Originality
  • Applicability in projects
  • Involving the participantsKreativität des Workshops

The template for the submission of workshop concepts can be found at: PM-Summit 2021 Workshopconcept

What are we envisioning here?

Laboratory = as a test kitchen and Space = as a common room…

We are looking for refreshing, innovative, creative concepts from all areas of industry, services and education in order to engage even more actively with congress visitors. Not perfectly designed, but rousing; not as a frontal event, but as a source of inspiration.

If possible, your contribution should reflect the motto of our PM Summit “Your future starts today – Digital, innovative, sustainable” by making it clear how strongly project results depend on the actions of the people involved or represent a meaningful addition to the project management topics.

The LabSpace is physically separated from the areas for lectures and workshops, there are several “islands” for the various formats. The individual islands offer space for approx. 20 – 30 participants each, they are separated by flexible partition walls, equipped with bar tables or seating as required. The LabSpace area is continuously supported by PMI moderators for organization and implementation. We plan a number of different time and format slots, from 30 to 90 minute events.

Cfd (2)

Suggestions, which formats we can envisage in the LabSpace :

  • Group formats, e.g. variants of World Cafe, Open Space, Bar Camp for direct exchange of concrete questions with a group of participants, length max. 90 minutes
  • Book presentations, own or third-party publications; on a topic that affects the PM world, max. 30 minutes
  • Poster sessions or topic marketplace on controversial topics, around several pin boards, max. 45 minutes
  • Coaching 1:1, “Meet the Expert” – here both PMI mentors and professional coaches can offer discussions, max. 30 minutes per session, continuously throughout the day. Due to the confidentiality required by this format, the coaching takes place in a separate room. Slots are allocated on the morning of the event.

Cfd (1)

Format for submissions

A LabSpace contribution can be structured very diversely, it should be an interactive format that includes the visitors.

If you have any questions about this new format in LabSpace and the possible contents before you submit your contribution, please feel free to ask us at Your questions must reach us at least fourteen days before the submission deadline, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



The submission should address the following:

  • Description of the format and the process (including the necessary requirements)
  • Description of the content (which topic) and the desired result (what is to be achieved)


In total we ask for a document of max. 5 pages, created with the template for LabSpace concepts.

Selection procedure

A committee evaluates all submitted entries according to the following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Interactivity
  • Degree of innovation
  • Relevance in the PM environment

Submission of the poster

If your LabSpace concept is accepted (notification until 30.06.2020) and you want to have a poster produced by us, please submit it as PowerPoint file via ConfTool by 15.01.2021.


If you have any questions, please contact the program team at 

Unfortunately, travel expenses cannot be reimbursed. Participation for speakers in the entire program of the PM-Summit 2021 is of course free of charge.


The abstracts of the technical papers will be made available to the conference topics in the run-up to the event. By handing over the documents, the submitter assures that he/she holds all rights of use and exploitation of these documents. By handing over the documents, the submitter grants the organizer the right to use and quote this contribution in further publications. If this is not desired, the contribution must be marked accordingly on submission.